What DSLR should I buy?

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Re: Buy what you need now

ARShutterbug wrote:

The 7D is the better camera, especially for ergonomics. I haven't heard anything about a "70D" from Canon, but the 60D is okay. The differences between dSLRs aren't like they were when considering the differences between a 10D and a 20D.

If you need a camera now, and you do because you have no experience, you should buy a camera now.

The 70D is like a improved 60D.

There were rumors that it'll be released/announced this year, but well, doesn't look like it.

sjgcit wrote:

Consider a used Nikon D7000.

You'll pay a premium for the latest models ( even IF they appear ). That premium won't, in all probability, make any difference to your photographic skills or results ( when you get skills ).

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Do you think so?

I think I read the 70D will probably have a better and faster AF, which would be good for motorsports photography I guess.

The D7000 specs look pretty good, but compared to the 60D it's weaker in some points though, I think I'll stick with Canon, except someone can tell me if it would be better to buy Nikon and why.

Josh Hunt wrote:

I am really pleased with the 60d. One thought is that cameras old their value reasonably well. You might shop what they are selling for on Ebay. You might buy a 60d then make a decision if and win a 70d comes out.

If you plan to go pro, it is always nice to have a backup camera any way. I always bring two cameras to weddings.

The 60D also sounds good to me(in this price range) so I guess I'll buy that one if the 70D won't be announced any time soon.

Why Ebay though? Getting a used one is kind of not nice, I mean there are parts in there that can wear off.(mechanics)

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