OVF vs EVF put to rest

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Re: OVF vs EVF put to rest

Fraxinus excelsior wrote:

As I write further down its simply impossible to see the details you can see in the final photo in the a900 EVF.

That makes sense if the OVF is only capable of resolving around 9-10Mp, which has to taken as a very rough estimate, based on my previous comments, yet the final image is 24Mp, so in this context, you are stating the obvious, as the OVF will probably only give you around a half or less, of the detail of the final image and this assumes good eyesight in the first place.

That said, the A77/A99 EVF can only give you just under 10% of the detail in the final image, for obvious reasons. Magnifying the image is not always possible, due to time constraints, the type of photography that you're doing etc., so let's not go down this line.

I mean, if you're taking a macro image of a bee in flight, can you just say "hold it a minute while I check focus using magnified view?!"

I own an a900 and can easily say that in now way can the ovf match the final resolution in the photo. Small leaves seen in the finished photo can in no way be seen in the viewfinder. In an EVF system you can magnifie the view and then see the details.

No, not match the final resolution, as agreed above, but comes closer to it than EVF, by maybe a factor of 4 X.

As for magnifying the image, see my comments above. This is not very convenient for moving/flying insects in macro, moving animals in nature photography, people in sports, general life, photo-journalism, street photography, weddings (except for boring posed shots), candid work, motor-sports, flying aircraft (it's OK if they're on the ground or in a hanger) and many other types of photography.

Where magnifying the image can be useful, you are normally talking about a more controlled and steady paced photography, including landscapes, portraits, still life, including macro, architecture etc.

In these circumstances, I have already described using intelligent preview on A900 to adjust all manner of settings before taking an image and then review the image magnified to check critical focus. It's a bit of a workaround compared to best EVF implementation, but no big deal for these types of photography.

On balance I prefer OVF for reasons reiterated many times.

As for what your eye can and cannot resolve in a viewfinder, bear in mind that each person's eyesight varies, but the first link that I provided shows that a person with healthy eyesight can determine the difference between a 20" x 16" print when viewed at 20" distance and printed at 150, 300 and 600 dpi, thus showing the acuity that we are capable of. Whilst the subjects wouldn't have been able to identify the individual droplets of ink or pixels, they could all detect the difference in quality. The brain/eye combo is amazing, so don't underestimate it.

Kind regards D

P.s I dont own a camera with EVF!

This will be because:-

a) You still prefer OVF for some unstated reason?

b) You don't yet have the budget for a decent A900, EVF based replacement?

c) It's not high on your priority list?

d) Some other reason?

I would be fascinated to know.

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