Canon 6D - epic fail

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Re: Canon 6D - epic fail

I keep hearing that the EFS lens rear element sticks out abit and will crash the mirror, I think perhaps Canon perpetuated that possability when they first came out with EFS or someone made it up trying to explain why Canon needed to create a new mount. I don't believe this is a reality. You can mount a Sigma 8-16mm wide angle APC lens on a Canon full frame without issue. They where just the first to release APS-C specific lenses and I think Canon just wanted to avoid tech support calls when people couldn't understand why they did not work well on thier old film cameras.

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hawi wrote:

Well, the mount is the same on Canon APS-C and FF cameras, too, but the EF-S lenses often are designed in a way that the rear optical element sticks out a bit (especially wide angle lenses), so that the mirror of a FF camera would collide with the rear lens of an EF-S lens. How is that handled in these Nikon FF cameras?

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