Leica should develop a cheaper body!!!!!

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Re: Leica should develop a cheaper body!!!!!

I think Leica shouldn't change a thing. They should continue producing the same classic look and feel cameras for as long as they can. And when they can't, they should call it quits, meaning they should switch to producing "technology" crap priced accordingly. Oh wait, that's what people here have been proposing all along, haven't they? Well, it'll come to this, it always does, so hang in there...

Then again, I don't see why wait. Nikon, Canon, and Sony are out there right now with all the technology readily available. For 300 bucks you can have it all: high megapixels, high ISO, live view, touch screen, electronic viewfinder, focus peaking, HD video, pocket size, even the ability to use Leica glass! I mean, 300 bucks, folks! The future is HERE!!!

I can't really afford a brand new Leica, but I can afford a slightly used one, so the current state of things works for me. Back in the day, I could afford a used S-class W140 Mercedes and I bought one. Today's MB is no different than a Toyota, so what's the point? Same is going to happen to Leica. To me, the day a Leica camera receives a live view and an EVF will be the end of Leica. Oh wait, it did happen! To quote a classic, the more things change, the more they suck!

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