SONY & HASSELBLAD has lost there Damn Mind!

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re: not sure IF I'm ready to call any of the H5D. H4D or...

...even H3D an empty shell body :D,

seachicken2000 wrote:

Doesn't sound beefed up to me. The NEX-7 has 25 AF points, and if you asked Sony I am sure they'd say it has and ultra fast processor capable of real time image processing. On the Hasselblad site they state the camera contains a "Bionz" processor: . Perhaps they'll do something like remove the AA filter.

yes, you're right nothing changed there - their use of "ultra fast
processor" and AF in the same sentence was the source of possible
confusion: while 10fps are fast indeed, the CDAF is pretty low end, and
it is unlikely they were able to change this with the same Bionz as in
original N7 :(,

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