Just bought a D7000 - feeling foolish

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Re: Just bought a D7000 - DO NOT feel foolish

As you say, the problem is with slow glass; I shoot the D7000 with the Nikon 24-70 f2.8 and this thing focuses instantly in near total darkness; it has to be experienced to be believed.

Josh Jones wrote:

I dont think you are being foolish myself. I have a D7000 as well that was purchased last year and just hit 9400 shutter counts on it. I upgraded it from the D60 because I wanted to the ability to use commander mode, older lenses and have a built in motor and not to mention the better performance at high iso.

I love the D7000 for everything I shoot, except for 1 thing, concerts. As confirmed by other people, the AF system is somewhat limited in dim/incandescent lighting. Currently, my way around this is shooting at F2.8 mostly and manually focusing. I have tried the 35/1.8g at several concerts and it generally disappoints me as the shots are not in focus. However, the shots that do hit focus are generally in my top shots for the night (could just be a perspective thing though). I generally use a Rokinon 85 1.4 that requires MF and I have a very high hit rate, IMO. I should note that at concerts I turn the AF assist off, how annoying would that be for a musician.

Even though I said above, I have a high hit rate at home taking pics of the dogs, etc in fairly low to decent light (and sometimes I forget to turn the AF assist back on). So, I think the D7K is not a camera to fill foolish for purchasing, especially with the recent price drop. The only situations that I think it would give you a little more grief with is situations like indoor/night concerts & theater. I recently took both my D7K (using my primes) and D60 (55-200VR) to a music festival. I used both camera during the day, stopped down, there was very little difference in most shots. However, I did find myself gravitated toward more of the D7k shots, but that is probably a lens thing. However, when the sun went down, I found a huge difference between the two, but I am not going to try and compare them as they cant be because the iso was pushed higher in the D7k and I was using faster glass (shooting between f2-2.8 compared to 4.5-5.3). Unless you were really wanting FF for a specific reason, I think it would be better spent to put that grand somewhere else, be flash, lenses, photog classes, wife a new piece of jewelry for putting up with your camera addiction, etc... Or as others have said, I am considering, is to purchase a used D700 in good shape. There will be more and more coming to the market with the D800 being released, I doubt the D4 really affected the used market availability that much, because if you can afford a D4, you will probably use the D700 as your backup.

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