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Doctor Lecter wrote:

I know a lot of people here use Lightroom 3 or 4. Thinking of getting it. I currently use PSPX4 and nothing else. What can I expect from LR? I'll probably buy the old version (3) to save some coin. I know it's great for organizing/batch processing, etc. Any other pros and cons to Lightroom?

Dr. Lecter

Lightroom 4.# is probably the "best thing since sliced bread" for most digital photographers who are serious about getting the most out of their raw files..

When I first installed the upgrade from version 3 I did notice that the software ran very slowly..

Mostly it was slow while switching modes (into develop mode), but as time passed and I trimmed my catalog down below 40 thousand images, it got "speedier".

I think the BEST feature of Lightroom is the way it can "export" your file (as a tif or jpg or other type of file) directly into whatever editor you want..

The feature is located on the "export" dialogue page (down at the bottom). You cn steer it directly to your favorite editor (in your case, Paintshop Pro) and the file will open in Paintshop Pro at the end of the export for "finish work" if needed.

I think the "slowness" in version 4 might just go away after a few sessions (I know it did on my system).

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