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Re: Well the good news is ...

rattymouse wrote:

Really, at what point do you finally admit that a moribound company simply cannot survive anymore? Please remember that the camera industry is contracting at an alarming rate. There WILL BE companies that fold up. Ricoh is #1 on the runway to fold up. They cannot survive on a dead product line. Pentax will be Ricoh's camera brand it seems by ALL indications.

Why is Ricoh No. 1 company on the runway to fold-up? Where are the facts behind your pronouncement?

They cannot survive on a dead product line.

What exactly defines a dead product line and do Ricoh's camera lines satisfy that definition? As always this opinion appears to be based on a one-dimensional idea of what a camera company has to do satisfy the conditions for successful business operation that you implicitly lay out. If it's based on an idea about a mass consumer model than that may be the wrong model to apply in evaluating whether Ricoh are going to survive .

But no news of the "new smaller replaceable lensed camera" or whatever happened to the CX7?

Never existed, like most products talked about here. Ricoh is dead and shows no sign of life.

We cannot judge a company's business status based on all the wild supposition, gossip and ungrounded opinions found in this forum. According to this forum there are always many new imaginary products on their way from Ricoh. It's a pity that no one appears to understand that what dpreview forum users are doing is playing a form of fantasy football. It's called fantasy foto-industry.

I'm not happy to write this as I am very much an alternative camera guy. I never bought Ricoh simply because they had no road map. But I was strongly shopping them when I was in the market.

Ratty, I had to read that twice in case I misunderstood. You don't actually own a Ricoh camera? I know that doesn't stop you having opinions but I wonder why you appear to get so worked up about whether Ricoh are alive or dead?

There is very little hope except for people living in constant denial and who have very impressive powers to ignore the facts on the ground.

Facts? Where are the facts that say Ricoh has to play by the same rules that all other camera manufactures play? Is it true that any company who does not change/update their product line every 6 or 12 months are to be considered dead? Where are the facts to support that hypothesis? Where does it say that announcements have to be made at the same time as everyone else or otherwise a manufacturer has to be considered to be moribund? Ricoh Cameras are not dead until the last camera with a Ricoh brand-name rolls off the conveyor belt and their camera division folds.

Ricoh is dead and shows no sign of life.

That's just your fantasy.

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