D600 vs D7000

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Re: D600 vs D7000

sshoihet wrote:

Apart from the sensor and better use for wide angle lenses, there are no advantages to the D600 as the body is basically the same as the D7000 with pretty much the same features.

There are several shortcomings including the slower flash sync speed and the lower max shutter speed (which is probably not that big a deal).

That is a very missleading statements. There are a number of advantages that D600 offers:

  1. larger sensor 24 mpix vs 16 mpix

  2. Probably about 1.5-2 stops better ISO (that is just my opinion but I would say that it would be very close. This is a combination of the fact that D600 has FX sensor and a newer sensor). That means that ISO 1600-3200 will have similar noise to ISO 800 on D7000. That is a considerable advantage in low light.

  3. Probably 1 stop better DOF due to FX vs DX (that means that at F4 the D600 will have similar bokeh to D7000 at f2.8)

  4. Full HD with 30, 25, 24 fps at 1080 and 60fps at 720. Plus headphone jack and video out

  5. Better focus at low-light and faster focus with AF modul rated at f/8

  6. Slower fps (5.5 vs 6 fps) but bigger buffer it seems with more images being able to be written on the card.

  7. Digic 3 vs Digic 2 processor.

A few disadvantages are:

  1. slower syn rate by 1/3 of a stop. Can be significant if shooting with flash

  2. lower fps

  3. lower maximum shutter speed 1/4000 vs 1/8000

It would be great if people were being objective in regards to D600. It seems to be the camera that will probably allow many dx users entry to fx and will prove to be as popular as d7000. If I wasn't so cash strapped I would buy one today

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