Remember when we were proud of Canon?

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Re: Then 2007 Happened

I'm inclined to agree with Scott.

Even the 5 year old digital cameras we are retiring are so far advanced compared to the 35mm film bodies of a decade ago. The image quality is fantastic and noise levels ridiculously low.

Yet somehow people were able to use old grainy film on a manual focus body with a wavy stick for a light meter read out... And use them very well.

This is a point of view that is widely repeated on here and I honestly think that having this perspective enables one to focus more on using the tools available to take cool pictures. As opposed to wishing for the next best thing and being constantly disappointed.

We've become such consumers of whatever some suit in a marketing department will sell us.

Scott Larson wrote:

Earthlight wrote:

Dpreview nailed it. Canon has lost inspiration.

Maybe I'm a cold hearted robot, but to me cameras are tools and I don't need their manufacturers to be inspired for me to take photos with them. I just need their products to work acceptably in the conditions I use them in.

Someone who needs a "wow factor" in a product should consider purchasing a new cell phone or a new car.

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