Why do we need UPGRADE PATHS?

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Re: Why do we need UPGRADE PATHS?

I suspect it's the lens lineup and roadmap Pentax is having issues with. They discontinued almost everything in the FA line. Which carry business consequences:

1. Renew the FA line first and then release an FF body later.

People will start to take the revival of the FA line as a sign and some will hold off buying Pentax's APS-C line. Can they risk it?

2. Release FF body, renew FA line later.
Issue is obvious.

3. Release FF lenses as DA and do not mark them. Then release FF body to recognize these lenses.

Technically doable, but the lens line will be extremely confusing. Highly doubt they'll do it.

4. Release FF body and renew FA line at the same time.

It's their only option and it's not easy without a lot of manufacturing capability.

awaldram wrote:

Insulted wrote:

I seriously doubt Pentax is going to throw away their very rich history. Yes they are the last to jump into the FF dslr pond, but they will. It seems inevitable that everybody will, not because its a must to stay in business (fuji,panasonic,olympus = no FF and they are still in business), but because it is a way to further the brand. People act like its something they aren't capable of doing. If a brand has found a way to pack K5II-s features into a camera for $1300, which is a better deal than just about any other, why can't they make an affordable FF?

Very very valid points
And lest we forget Pentax had a wroking FF camera in 2001
So the lack of FF today is based on business decisions alone.

Is sony refusing to sell them FF sensors? Does pentax not have enough knowledge of FF bodies? these are ridiculous questions of course, pentax will release a FF. K3, K1, doesn't matter. I will likely buy into pentax with the K30 or K5 and when a FF is here I may buy it if the price is right. Judging by their cameras they have now, I totally believe they will make a better and cheaper FF than any other brand.

I suspect they are waiting on Processing power to deliver an equivalent FF camera to the K5 at an enthusiast cost point.

At present enthusiast standard FF cameras are still to expensive for most ($3000).

But it does feel the Pentax are on the verge of cracking that conundrum something the D600 and 6d don't come close.

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