Anyone buying APS-C is taking a punt now.

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maybe it will change in future

Louis_Dobson wrote:

quite untruthfully, that a bigger sensor made a better camera. That, and Panny's second rate sensors, did for four thirds (sadly - if you could live with the noisy Panny sensors it was always the best system).

However, now FF is falling in price, you can choose between a big sensor or a small one. And at that point most of the dumb clucks can see for themselves that a big sensor is not better - it gets you more DoF control and better low light performance, but punishes you with huge lenses that are awkward to cart about.

Well put....choice is currently between big lenses on 35mm FF that provide low light performance and shallow depth of field and portability available for m4/3

But what if m4/3 starts to offer a choice of big aperture lenses in addition to the current small lenses?? By increasing the aperture, you can collect the same total photon count as a 35mm lens and deliver the same low light performance and shallow depth of field. Yes you need the same size lens at the front element to collect that same photon count, but the lens can still be shorter than a 35mm. With such lenses m4/3 could offer a choice- the same low light performance and shallow depth of field as 35mm with slightly increased portability - or the choice to trade far more portability when reduced iso performance and less subject isolation is required.

That is the m4/3 that could sweep all before it!!

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