S602 + "Set Adapter Ring" Setting

Started Jan 24, 2003 | Discussions thread
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Re: Thanks everyone. - Macros

frankandbeans wrote:

Thanks for the quick response, everybody. I'm going to leave this
setting off for the time being until I can experiment more with it.
I have yet to try it with macro shots and outdoor shots (it's
freezing!) but will definately experiment after work.


The reason the manual says to set to on if you use the tube is not for distant shots but close ones. The infrared focusing may try to focus on something farther than a close macro shot, particularly if using a closeup lens (it can't look around corners), and focus may well fail more often if the adapter tube setting is off when taking macros. I suspect when set to on, not only does the camera not use the infrared but allows more time before giving up.


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