Samsung fanboy?

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Re: Samsung fanboy? Hi there Smarter, I wonder if you could help me please?

Smarter, could ypu please tell me, (if I'm not being to personal), what is a "good," price for a Samsung GX10? The reason that I'm asking is I have one that I may be selling. it is in great condition, even has it's original box. I also have the two kit lenses for it, and the Pentax f1.4 50mm prime lens, also the dfa f2.8 100mm macro lens that is labelled as a Schneider lens, as it was bought for the GX10. I'm only thinking about it, as the moment, as I'm considering a switch to another system, maybe the Sammy NX. But I really don't want all this extra stuff to carry around, if I go with the NX system, I know I can get adapters etc to fit my lenses to the NX, but I will stick to the dedicated NX lenses. I'd be grateful, it yourself, or anyone else, could give me an idea on pices here please. Thanks guys.
Have a good day.
Regards Allan

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