I cannot believe I am asking this.....

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Re: I cannot believe I am asking this.....

Many thanks for the considered responses to my "dilemma".

I think that overall the position is:

1 - Take take X100 only
2 - Take the X100 and 5DII (and 24-100)
3 - Take the 5DII and a selection of lenses

A few other snippets -

Swap tripod for gorilla pod/similar (good advice)
Buy new kit (not a part of the original post)

But overwhelmingly:

Enjoy the time with the family!

A final swaying point has however arisen. Mrs E has informed me that we are hand baggage only on the flight. That could sway it somewhat.

On a final note I would make two observations:

(a) it would have been interesting to see the reaction if I had posted this question on the 5D forum. From some of the responses it is clear that members with DSLR kit maybe more inclined to urge me to take the big bag - obviously mirrorless users would be inclined otherwise (with a number going for a changeable lens option).

(b) we are faced with an interesting future. The capabilities of mirrorless cameras have moved considerably over the last couple of years and will only serve to put more users in this position in times to come. Whilst (for me, certainly) there is still very much a place for the DSLR kit - there is now a creditable alternative available to me where I can know I can get images I would be happy with (notwithstanding 35mm lens and quirks and all!).

So for me I am happy to give the X100 (with a few extras - strobe, wireless transmitter/receiver, VND and gorilla pod) a go.

Hmm - next thought, ipad or laptop.............

Cheers all!


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