Sharpest crop sensor files ?

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Re: Sharpest crop sensor files ?

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I can offer a couple of suggestions regarding the sharpest files (bayer derived) and please note I am working on the assumption that you do not wish to exceed 16 megapixels and all you want is maximum detail.

In that case you looking in the wrong arena, the camera most likely (and yes I have tested this) to provide the sharpest files is the Sony NEX 5n when coupled with really good glass (even some legacy glass) and shot in RAW. It is important to realise that there is an enormous difference in clarity dependent on the Raw convertor with this micro beast.

Why so the Sony?

It has no mirror thus no vibration, which is a significant issue in ultimate clarity, it has an electronic first curtain shutter (that cuts vibration further still) and it does not need to stop the aperture at exposure time (also a slight reduction in vibration as a result).

Additionally it has a very weak (too weak in my opinion) AA filter.

And the sensor itself is a pretty stellar device.

It may not I suspect suit your requirements, as it sounds like you want a DSLR but for those working on the extremes of potential file clarity it delivers beyond anything else I have tested when shot in RAW (jpegs are another matter) and of course opens up a whole world of options with exotic glass.

But finally here is the thing to really consider, most cameras are capable of excellent clarity, the real weak link is usually the users technique......poor focus, camera movement, inappropriate aperture choice, shooting jpegs instead of RAW, inappropriate use of high ISOs, not allowing for field curvature etc etc.

All of the above only have to be out by the very smallest degree and you can turn a 24 megapixel camera into a 6 megapixel one!

Buy whatever seems to suit your needs and then find out through testing how to get the best out of it and most of all have fun.

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