Fuji X-E1 vs OM-D E-M5 vs NEX-6?

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Re: Fuji X-E1 vs OM-D E-M5 vs NEX-6?

Hi Jorginho

Jorginho wrote:

It is okey that you don't like it, but I think that does not mean that the cam is overdoing anything. It has features youd don't need and it is eays to see that they can be very handy for more than just a few gadget minded people.

That would be a good summary, yes. It is overdoing it for me, but for others those features can be handy.

  • The NEX is when you want a zoom and video, or if you want to use manual focus lenses.

Here you go. I know FP is nice, I also think that IBIS is nice as every single MF lens is now stabilized.

Yes. But after trying to use an E-P1 with a selection of manual focus lenses for a few years now, I got really fed up with just focus magnification.

It is pretty clear that none of the NEX lenses are quite good. THe 1.8 24 mm may be an exception. All other lenses are really behind m43 lenses. The m43 primes otoh are very good, some excellent.

One could consider that to be a biased statement. It's not like the 17/f2.8 for µ43 is considered a top prime by any measurbator. On the other hand, I like it a lot. The same can be said for a NEX prime like the 16/f2.8: might not be brilliant but will definitely do the job.

And then there's the Zeiss primes announced for NEX and FX in 2013, with autofocus.

Of course, Olympus is also building out a nice set of primes (finally). If I would find a µ43 body to suit my needs, I would stay in µ43 and start investing in those.

  • The Fuji FX system is for people who want to make photos with serious native primes.

The IQ of Fuji is outstanding. The AF system is really really poor. o it depend. If people can get around a cam that either focusses slowly or hunts a lot, the Fuji is a very nice cam.

I don't think you've read anything about the X-E1 and the X-Pro1 firmware 2.0 yet, have you ?

If look at size and weight, in particular with lenses the OM-D distances itself quite a lot. It is the most compact system. Otoh I think the Fuji has the best IQ of all of them.

It depends. With manual focus lenses, the Leica can be smaller. With native lenses, µ43 can be smaller. Fuji is most likely biggest in all cases. I consider IQ of the bodies to be irrelevant because all give extremely good IQ up to ISO6400 anyway. As far as the lenses go, NEX is lacking (but the Zeiss lenses will be nice), Fuji is leading in top notch primes (particularly when the Zeiss ones are out) and µ43 has a very balanced overall offering built up over more years than anybody else.

I don't think we disagree. I think you see the disadvantages of non-µ43 systems more because you aren't following those systems closely. And I think I am moving away from that system because my particular style of working happens to correspond more with another system.


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