Just a guess.....But hello G5 and GH2!

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Re: Just a guess.....But hello G5 and GH2!

My GH1 and GF1 are ready for an upgrade, but for me, the GH3 is overkill, but I can't quite warm up to the G5. I hope there is a in between Panny model somewhere out there. Then again, maybe I should take a look at the EM5.

The GH2 price is very reasonable right now, and probably will sell out some day, so you might consider that. I got one last April and love it. All the manual controls and good IQ make it a terrific camera.

The size of the GH3 is a deal killer for me, which unfortunately means there is no upgrade path. I would have to step down to something like the G5 and give up some good ergonomics that I like. Fortunately the GH2 should give good service for several years. Hopefully by the time it needs replacing there will be something with the GH2 size and similar features.

If Panny is smart they will continue to make the GH2 and keep it on the market, and perhaps someday make a GH2 MkII with an upgraded sensor and software with same body and controls. It has been a hugely successful camera. Amazing that they would replace it with something they know many users will not like and lose some of their market.

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