Camera Progression

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Camera Progression

Ok, so I'm certainly not a professional, I bought my 450D 2 years ago after doing a lot of looking. I got it because it was in my price range and had things I wanted and didn't have things I didn't want. I really didn't want video but now it seems it's standard fare for new cameras. Only after I got it did I realize that it had been discontinued. It will probably be a while before I get to upgrade, but you never know, a couple thousand dollars could just plop in my lap one day and Bingo! I'll get me something new. Which brings me to my question.

How in the heck do they come up with the numerical progression of cameras?

In my feeble mind I assumed that it was something like:

300D to 400D to 500D to 600D etc.
350D to 450D to 550D to 650D etc
5D - 6D - 7D
40D - 50D - 60D

So, why is the 6D coming out after the 7D? Where in the heck did the 1D come from? Now there's C's and X's after stuff, little a's and s's and they're sticking Mark III and IV in there too!!!

I need to hit the lottery so I can just buy one of each and see which one I like best!

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