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Update: I got the LG IPS225 monitor today and I am very impressed. I have never owned a calibrated monitor before; I always tweaked my crt's by eye using the various available display patterns, and generally got things pretty good in the upper 75-80% of the gamma curve. But this one is a revelation, especially in the lower part of the range. (Even on this website I'm seeing background shades and textures I didn't see before). Colors and clarity are superb. My only complaint is the brightness falloff at the rightmost say 5% of the panel. Judging from the reviews I've read, that's typical for these panels. It's a non-issue, really - just put the PS tool windows over there for editing.

All this while consuming a mere 15% of the power that my 19" crt did. Amazing.

The accompanying calibration curves plot gamma, color temp variation, and color difference, all versus gray step (0-255) The accuracy is really quite amazing. It's a huge step up.

I am pretty convinced that, for someone who isn't going to get their monitor calibrated, the LG IPS panels are probably the best choice out there. Use the factory-default setting, set the brightness to match the ambient light, and that's all there is to it. There are plenty of things to tweak if you want, but it's easy to come back to the calibrated setting. I highly suggest you go to and compare the accuracies of the various panels calibrated and uncalibrated and at their various default settings. You'll see that most of them calibrate up pretty well, but none have the accuracy that these LG's do at this price point ($159 !!).

BTW, I agree with you, zone8, the 22" size is just right.

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