OVF vs EVF put to rest

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pro EVF or not, these are amazing A99 high ISO samples


Kriekira wrote:

BMWX5 -- No reason to make guesses. MarkSA's experience matches mine. I have and use an a900, an a850, and an a77. I print using Epson printers up to 36" x 50". The view in the a77 EVF is such a poor approximation of what the pictures look like on screen or when printed that I have to conclude that you are trolling for attention and are not interested in intelligent discussion.

Please let me know what your experience is, with what equipment, and why your experience differs so completely from MarkSA's and mine.

BMWX5 wrote:
I guess you haven't use one yet...

MarkSA wrote:

Karl Scharf wrote:

At least, the EVF provides a more realistic view of what the sensor is actually recording

Although this is often stated to be true, this simply doesn't make sense - EVFs are so limited that they can't even show you a true to life picture i.e. the same as your eye sees. With that limitation, how can you possibly say that an EVF shows you what the sensor is recording (which IS actually close to what your eye sees)?

The view in an EVF does not look anything like the image that is stored to memory and that you finally print.

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