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Re: Dave Luttmann = Faintandfuzzy

Turbo Hampster wrote:

qianp2k wrote:

Turbo Hampster wrote:

qianp2k wrote:

troll alert! Dave Luttmann is the real name of Faintandfuzzy as latter is banned in DPR forums, a totally unknown amateru wedding photographer in Victoria, BC, Canada.

Yah, 5D2 phtoos are total garbage and full of banding, LOL.

Like Faintandfuzzy, Dave Luttmann is in my Ignore List now and will not response from now on.


Welcome back!

Have you ever heard the saying people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones?

(Seeing as your account was suspended and your posts deleted on a previous thread)

Turbo Hampster, What purpose of your posting if not trolling? I know you have 1DX but sorry you have not generated good enough photos on a $6800 body, LOL. I know my 1D3 takes better airshow photos than your 7D ones. You already in my Ignore List, so I just let you know officially and last time you will hear from me.

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Hmm the purpose of my post was to point out your hypocrisy, you're account was suspended for trolling.

One more time and this is the truly last time. It's your hypocrisy to call my name now as F&F keep doing. When this happened, did DPR tell you? I am very busy in work now so I don't spent much time in forums, in addition returned from a two-week vacation recently. But I do have a few threads before this one. So what are you talking about?

Shame that as usual you have to resort to derogatory comments about other people

This is exactly you're doing now together with Dave, aka FaintandFuzzy. Now you team together, a well known old troll with a new troll, how fuzzy.

And with regard to the quality of my photos, it would seem quite a few people disagree with you


You got kidding me. This is Africa safari? LOL you're unable to take on live running lions so only can take advantage when they were in sleep. What is joke. I plan go to Africa safari next year and I am confident I will have real safari photos as most people familiar with.


Nothing special as much cheaper 5D/5D2 cannot match. Nothing talking about in lighting and model, very so so. Based on your photos I have seen so far, I don't think your 1DX can take better airshow photos than my old and inferior 1D3. You take amateur photos with a professional camera, nothing can proud of.

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