FF NOT Better than m43rds for Image Quality and DoF control

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John Mason
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hmmm - mine is

Ok, I normally shoot with the EM5. But for best DR, noise, IQ or action shots, low light focusing, DOF control my 5d3 gives me more choices than the EM5.

The EM5 really raised the bar over my E5 with it's sensor change. The EM5's IBIS with fast primes and facial recognition makes the practical IQ on the EM5 better for available light people shots than my 5d3 in many cases.

There are a lot of trade-offs.

The overlap of useful output for the intended purpose between the formats certainly got larger with the EM5. But the blanket statements of the OP are certainly not true just yet.

I'll really like life when some SHG level native m4/3 zooms appear. Not that crazy about the level of digital correction required on the Panasonic offerings.

For now I'm really enjoying the 12,25, and 45 on the EM5.
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