Xpro 1 metering question??

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Re: Xpro 1 metering question??

Charuteiro wrote:

newone757 wrote:

Its pretty annoying if you ask me. It shouldn't be called spot metering. SHould be called center metering or whatever if you cant move the spot.. Basically becomes useless if I dont want to put my subjects near the edge of the frames.

Centre frame on subject, use AE Lock and recompose...

For some reson it's never actually worked for me. I had mine set to push for on and off and every time I "locked" it never had any real effect, remetering when I re framed. I'll try again though

Still, that's not true spot metering. Maybe they can add an option for "flexible spot" metering where it follows af point. Seems like a good compromise for anyone who prefers one option over the other

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