Sony RX1 and it's effect on the Leica world

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Re: Leica killer ? It looks a Frankenstein camera to me

magneto shot wrote:

and the X2 isnt? ....even if RX1 dont do much to Leica M users, it will totally obliterate X2,X1 for quality and function, leaving only badge buyers looking at it. On the other hand, while it might not interest current hypnotized must-buy-M users, for existing users there will be some that will sell off their lens and the M and switch. Range finder or not, the smallest digital FF have just been unseated.

I'm no fan of the X1/X2. I have yet to find a good manual focus camera outside of the M rangefinder. The RX1 is fine, but I don't need yet another small af camera. I just want a digital camera that will let me use my Leica glass in the most effective way.

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