New Panasonic GH3 is a sham.

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I get the frustration with losing multi aspect.

Losing something is difficult to accept. Yes, the GH3 promises to deliver much to compensate but I still understand your frustration.

And if you really want multi-aspect it is even more annoying that it is disabled in the G5 as it must seem like that camera is tempting you but then holding back in the end.

But Panasonic do not seem likely to enable the multi-aspect in the G5 given that the successor would be planned to have no multi aspect and 'big brother' does not have it either.

You just have to get over multi-aspect. If you really needed the extra image space you will have to move an APS-C based sensor, as that is now the only way to regain the extra field of view. Of course, this only works with 3rd party or legacy lenses, since m43 native lenses that take advantage of the smaller sensor are not available for those products.

Some will leave m4/3 over the loss of multi-aspect, but the group is small and Panasonic has already decided that making a higher margin out of the majority that remain by saving on sensor cost will deliver the most profit.

You are not going to change their mind.

Adventsam wrote:

The G5 has 1080p/60 and multi-aspect ratio disabled, am I missing something?

Panasonic you make me laugh out loud. All you had to do was enable the multi-aspect of the G5 place in a GH2 body and you would have sold truck loads. As it is, you now ask us to stump up almost FF price for a device with pro video features 99% of us dont need or wont use? and to make matters worse you've dumped the multi-aspect the majority of us love and feel justifies the GH premium tag?

Alternatively, enable the multi-aspect of the G5 and soon!

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