D600 AF left or right issues...

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Re: Do not worry about any issue with the new Nikon D600.

To Astrophotographer 10:

Be extremely careful to believe every single post that you read on these forums!! Especially when it relates to someone having a problem with a new camera!!

Unfortunately, there are fanboys, many of them Canon fanboys, who like to spread false rumors to discredit a particular brand of camera, in particular Nikon cameras when it pertains to Canon fanboys!! It is kind of sad to act this dishonest way but I will give you only one example among many that appear regularly not only on the Nikon forums but on other forums too!!

Canon fanboys, I have read their bogus claims quite a few times online, observing them as bystander online and it is quite unbelievable what I have seen and the devious and dishonest way they have behaved!!

Just one example to support what I say but take my word for it, many claims made on the Nikon forums of defective cameras come directly from Canon fanboys who do not even have the Nikon camera they claim to have a problem with!! I know it is very hard to believe but it is the ugly truth!!! It is one of the few drawbacks of the Internet I could say.
Here is the example.

"D600 Green Cast" at http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/readflat.asp?forum=1021&thread=42525726&page=1

Usually, this type of bogus claims, you see that the person who posted it is a brand new poster!! More, he has a hard time to give proofs of his problems; he just make claims of problems that he basically does not prove.

This person is very likely a dishonest person who claims falsely to have a problem with a new camera that he probably does not even have!! I could be wrong with this particular example that I have not checked thoroughly but, checking quickly, I believe this guy is very likely a dishonest person claiming falsely to have a problem with a new camera that he does not even have!!!

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