ISO vs A vs S? No ISO priority?

Started Sep 17, 2012 | Discussions thread
pixelless Contributing Member • Posts: 612
Re: Thanks for the aha. re: ISO vs A vs S?

Jambsi wrote:

Thanks for all your inputs.

I guess I could have saved some of your time by noting that I realize there's ISO settings and limiters buried in the menus - which is far different than having it dedicated on the body.

That´s the point. It´s not buried in the menus. You press a button a spin the wheel to change the ISO. In "nikonland" you have something called "Easy ISO" and what it does is (when turned ON off course!) is assign the unused wheel for the ISO. So in aperture priority you have the front dial to control aperture and the rear dial to control ISO (no buttons to press!). And in Speed priority, the rear dial would be Shutter speed and the front dial would be ISO.

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