Another reason to ditch Internet Explorer

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Re: German gov't says avoid IE

CAcreeks wrote:
German government tells public to stop using Internet Explorer.

Durm wrote:

I started removing IE as soon as the Windows "Add Remove Software" started allowing it. (Windows 7 I think, I dont remember it sooner).

Really, IE is no longer required for updates?

Windows Update does NOT require IE to be there.

I went to "Add Remove Software" (Programs and Features in Some Windows Versions), Clicked on "Turn Windows Features On and Off" (upper left quadrant of the box) Unchecked IE on the list, clicked "Apply", and after about a minute... its gone.

There is a warning that some features of Some programs might not work without it, But I've seen no sign of the problem.

That Computer has been in daily use for over a year and it does all the normal annoying "Windows Updates".

I did come across one web site that had a feature that would only work in IE.. so I haven't gone back to that site.

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