Use LR or Aperture??

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Paul Szilard
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Re: Buy Aperture now or wait for Aperture 4??

I use both Mac and Windoze and have LR 4 and been using it since pre release. Bought Aperture for $80 or thereabouts.

I have 40,000+ images in LR and prefer its database and editing features, but find that it is Slooow. (My PC is VERY highly specced). Aperture seems faster, however I have only a few images in it. Use it mainly for field work on my MacBook Pro.

If you are happy with LR3, then I would stick with it and go LR4. The costs have come down so perhaps you can afford both(?).

They are both good, so it's a win-win.

Just my 2 cents' worth...
paul szilard

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