Focus points - who cares? (honest question)

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Re: Focus points - who cares? (honest question)

chironNYC wrote:

Very nicely done. If I understand you, even with a close distance to the subject and a medium telephoto at a wide aperture, you can safely focus and recompose as long as you are not moving your focused on object well beyond the rule of thirds.

So, for almost all photos, focus and recompose is not an issue. Most shooters will miss more shots by fumbling to set off center focus point.

Thats my take on this exactly... Its easier to focus recompose than it is to noodle w/ the focus points... or hope the AF guesses correctly. Still w/in limits of course.

That said (like everyone else) i really would love the mythical EOS3 to become real one day. It really is so much easier and its almost the same trick. You can eyeball in the vicinity and if you're off the recompose to the offset focus point. It was always quite intuitive and straightforward. I'm not sure why digital cameras can't have this capability that was in cameras 12 years ago.

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