50L + 50 1.4 - sell one?

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50L + 50 1.4 - sell one?

Hi there,

I'm looking for some thoughts on this. I've always used the Canon 50 1.4 lens already back when I started out on the FD system with film. I really like that lens. Yes, it's a tad soft wide open, but that's fine.

So naturally I got the EF version of it when I finally went digital. Still a fine lens there as well though I find the build quality and the noises from the AF system pretty off-putting. I know - luxury problem and it doesn't impact the photos while it works.

Notwithstanding, I went for the 50L. Just because. It's much nicer to handle and the contrast, color rendering and (relative) increase in sharpness wide-open is just stunning. Stopped down however, the 1.4 is the winner. We all have heard or experienced this before. No big deal and not a complaint.

What I'm trying to figure out is if I still have use for my really excellent EF 1.4 copy or if I should sell it and use the money for something else (like having it go towards a new computer). Like I said, it is ever so slightly better stopped down, but then I'd also have other alternatives, like my very sharp 24-105. Sharpness is overrated anyway and I tend to shoot at wider apertures anyway. Or there is always my 135L when sharpness is key.

The other reasons to keep it would be:

  • as backup

  • for use with a second body or if my kids become more interested

  • as a "street" walk-around lens in environments where a gripped or pro body and a fat L lens is not appropriate

Just doing a brain dump here and was wondering if anyone has decided one way or another and why.

p.s.: as a third option I've also considered selling it and get a FDn 50 with the new Ed Mika adpater - original build and optical quality made to fit a digital SLR. Just another thought.

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