GH3 for stills only?

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Re: What's wrong with the G5? (nt)

I'm in the same boat. Don't have a need for advanced video. Have a G3 now, deciding between G5 and GH3. G5 gets me the eye sensor, level gauge, HDR, and somewhat improved ergonomics. GH3 improves ergonomics further with the hardware buttons and dials, which I find very appealing, but not sure it's worth almost 2x as much just for that. I think I'm going to wait for some serious reviews and see if there's any significant improvement in AF over the G5, particularly for moving subjects. My main subject right now is a one-year-old. If I can get an improvement there, along with better IQ, then I think that plus better EVF / screen, higher power flash, and the ergonomics all together would swing me. If the AF / IQ doesn't have any real world advantage over the G5, I think I'd be willing to continue accidentally hitting the ISO button for $600.

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