So, is "enthusiast" DX dead?

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Re: So, is "enthusiast" DX dead? 200 is a lot but dont despair.

paulski66 wrote:

Bajerunner wrote:

D400 will come is my guess, at 1,700 or 1,800.

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I'm not sure I believe that there will be a d400 any more.

And I'm not sure that Nikon has left space in their line-up for one, either. With a d600 just a few hundred dollars more, what would one get by committing to a "pro" or "serious enthusiast" DX camera at this point? Nikon has seemed to make clear that they are unwilling to provide the fast, wide p[rimes that would make such a camera/system really enticing.

Gap is there least in the UK prices

I doubt the "new" D7100 will be £1000 odd either that leaves a gap for a better sealed full pro level body.

D300s was what £1300 odd at release? So it's £1900 for a D600 that's a notable gap

Of course I could be wrong they might pimp the D7100 up with a 24mp sensor, more sealing, bigger buffer.

Then that leaves a gap at the D5100 level to be filled

Complicated in some ways simple in others. If the D600 hit the shops at £1400-£1500 odd I'd say not a lot of hope for a D400, it didn't so it's on the cards I think

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