Why Three FF Sensors?

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Re: I hope your wrong on this one

NetMage wrote:

What do you find lacking in the 7D as a Pro APS-C body?

Quite a few reason, I personally don't like the small camera body especially when mounting a big telephoto like 300/400 F2.8 on it for sport events, and adding a add-on vertical grip "to make it bigger" is not the same as the integrated grip, not to mention how horrible those Canon vertical grip feels when compare to the 1D and D3's built in grip, Also lack of dual card slot, didn't like to have a built in pop up flash either, and can the spot meter linked to any selected AF point on 7D? I don't even remember this one now, got too many cameras to play with, I thought you can't do that on 7D, I might be wrong on this one though, I use that a lot on all my other cameras, it's a very important feature for me except for when I am shooting landscape. and one last but not least, I don't really like the image quality of the 7D, I found even my little mirrorless APS-C NEX 7 give me better IQ especially in terms of D.R. and shadow performance is concerned. so with that being said, the 7D is not my preferred Pro-APS-C body at all.

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