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Re: Define "afford".

Louis_Dobson wrote:

Any adult in here could easily buy the new $21,000 Leica if they made some economies - what economies will vary from making one of the maids part time to living in a cardboard box.

So most enthusiasts will be getting the GH3 or OM-D. Me, I have the OM-D, but actually I use MFT for portability, so I will be adding the E-PM2, which, with the EVF 2 and 12mm f2 (both of which I have already) and some filters is very close to the ideal landscape camera.

I think it might also be a question of how much incremental gain one would get by getting the Leica. You can get a lot of other equipment for $21,000.

I too have the OM-D. For the things I shoot, it's been more than satisfactory. Perhaps it would be cool to have the GH3 to play with but I don't think I would gain much by purchasing that camera in addition to what I have.

I have an E-PL1 with the kit lens and 40-150 zoom which was given to me, and that setup works well in most situations. I certainly like the fast response and high ISO settings and having the ability to easily change settings with the dials and the EVF on the E-M5, but if I'm honest there aren't all that many situations where I really need the improved capability of the newer camera. It is nice to have though.

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