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Re: Fallen back in love with the EVF

Being in the process of moving from nex to a57 I figured I would put my input in to this.

I originally bought into the nex line because of the size advantage I perceived. The nexf3 was released along with the a37. At the time I didn't see why anyone would choose the a37 over the nex when they were spec'd the same. After dealing with the autofocus issues of the mirror less line I have had enough of the amount of focus misses. I want to be able to photograph my children and with the nex the results were not good. Kids don't sit still. These mirror less cameras just can't track any movement at all. To be honest I had better experiences from my old lumix point and shoot. The DOF was large but at least the picture was in focus. I have not seen anything with the new hybrid system that makes me feel this is a solvable problem. At least not soon. The reviews for the canon with hybrid are not very positive. So far the PDAF on lens seems to be marketing hype designed to make people feel better.

I just bought the a57 and with the kit lens it fits in the same camera bag as my nex was in. The size advantage just isn't what I thought. Either camera needs a strap, and a bag. Plus the nex lenses are just more expensive for what you get. If you ad the lea2 adapter than you are making the camera crazy expensive and larger.

Now for landscape shots I was fine. In fact I got some really great shots. But I will get the same shots with the a57. Just now I can shoot in focus pics of the kids as well.

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