Printed photos too dark - any suggestions?

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I don't see the difference re the original photos and the composite photos I posted, other than the obvious - still the same image, just smaller and attached to another one. Anyway, I've uploaded the (edited) originals that were the ones given to the developers.

Photo developers should not make adjustments without getting permission off the person first. I've never been asked how I would like the prints (other than the size and glossy or matte) - they just do them. I don't know if the developers we used make adjustments or if so are they able to turn them off. Nor do I know what machine they use, although someone on the internet said they used to use Fuji Frontier machines. I don't know if that's still the case. Good to hear the images didn't look so bad. I don't know about colour space or how to find out what colour space my bro's images have or what the developers have. I've tried to find out on the net but without success so far.

joey_B wrote:

Russell Fielding wrote:

My original images form the upper or left hand halves of the photos I attached (merely resized)

That's not the original you send to the printshop. Only way to evaluate where the fault lies is to attach that original image.

That said, the parts of the image you posted seem OK to me, so I suspect the printer to have screwed up. sometimes they do add contrast or sharpening, and you would have to specify to turn that 'enhancement' off.

Other thing could be that the pictures were printed on a device that expected images in another colorspace as sRGB. Do you know what printer was used to print the images?

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