Sony RX1 better than DP2 M

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Re: Sony RX1 better than DP2 M: Yes, by far, for pictures at night

richard stone wrote:

jwang88 wrote:

Here is the link of some RX1 sample images:

What do you think the resolution compared to DP2 M?


I think you have created something like the opposite of a perpetual motion machine, as energy is sucked out of the world (perhaps even the universe?) and disposed of in some vast sink. (Dark matter? Yes, probably) Can this thread get to 150 posts of substantially utter and uninformed nonsense? Where does the energy come from? Where does it go?

Will exhaustion ever set in? Thank whatever deity we may be grateful to for the 150 post limit.

And like the old lady who complains about a neighbor who offends her by walking around his apartment in the buff - but only visible for her if she goes over to a distant window, in the corner of her own apartment, stands on a tall stool, and then leans her body halfway out the window - so that she can then clearly see him all au-naturel -- Why you feel that really must inexplicably compel yourself to have to so disdainfully click on this particular thread (being only one of many other here), rand then to have to read (or not) each and every single post, to then begrudgingly hurl your person points of view (against your own better (or worse) judgement(s) ..of course) headlong into, and onto any particular discussions at hand -- is just plain royal, auto-affronting hutzpa indeed - that's far above and beyond your usual Sigma-pologist call of duties.

I really do feel for your own personal self-inflicted pain game here. How you must be most horribly suffering - with each and every one of these types of real, or perceived anti-Sigma Corp. posts is palpable in your excruciating screeds for (self)help.

Ever heard of a tune: "Just Walk on By"???????????????????????

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