RX100: Any Lensmate Filter System Reviews?

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I find you need about an extra stop of EC and try a R72

I tried both a 87c and a R72 and found that the very dark pure IR 87c needed quite a bit more exposure time than the r72, which does pass a little visible red, yet when converted to b/w they really gave the exact same look.

The r72 also focused far easier, while the 87c sometimes would hunt unless it was really, really bright out.

Makes sense of course as the 87c is totally black when you hold it up to your eye while the r72 shows a little bit of a red translucent color.

Regarding the Rx100 in particular, I've found that usually about an extra stop is needed as well, othrwise the shot is a bit underexposed and when you bump it up in post you really increase the noise levels quite a bit.

Likewise, the camera seems far sharper stopped down a bit with IR light. I can take a sharp shot w/o filter at f1.8 but its just a bit soft with the filter, stop down to f2.8 or so and its back to good levels of sharpness.

It can work handheld in really good light, but when you add in the EC and stopping down, it requires a pretty high ISO and I think the results suffer a bit for things such as a landscape shot.

On a tripod at base ISO though its pretty impressive IR performance, and frankly far exceeds the ouput of my old IR modded cameras, such as a Nikon D70, with the exception of being able to shoot those dedicated IR cameras handheld at normal shutter speeds.

FocalPoint_L wrote:

My IR test with a #87 filter was on a tripod. The exposure in bright sunlight (with foliage as the principal subject) was:

0.8 sec


125 ISO

So I could have taken it handheld at 1/30th, F1.8 and 1000 ISO. (The image was a little underexposed.)

Millsart: Thanks for your comments on linear vs circular polarizers. While my old 49mm Hoya polarizer worked, I don't think the multicoating is as good as some on of the new ones, so I probably use a step-up ring.


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