Focus points - who cares? (honest question)

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Re: Focus points - who cares? (honest question)

lepton wrote:

Whenever I shoot, I have the camera in Aperture Priority mode, and I use a single focus point in the center - targeting my subject for focus first, then recomposing before taking the shot.

For me, this has two advantages:

  • There is no chance the camera will miss-interpret my intentions. If the focus, exposure, or composition is off, it's almost certainly my fault.

  • It forces me to think about every shot in a more creative way

However, I'm the first to admit that maybe I'm too old-school. Am I missing something?

Two quick questions:

  • Is auto-focus logic THAT good these days that the camera can correctly understand what your intention is? (e.g. subject off-center / rule of thirds with a high contrast object in the center - do good systems still pick the off-center subject as the focus point?).

  • Why are more points better? Does 11 vs. 63 really make a difference?



I'm the same as you, except I want flexible AF with more focus points.

I exclusively use focus and recompose on a 450D, and I manage fine. But as a relatively new DSLR user (4 years), I want to learn and grow. I feel that just because I can work one way, that doesn't mean I should ignore new ways of working, and seeing what possibilities there are.

The prospect of doing this AND getting FF excited me, and now I feel a bit bummed after seeing the 6D specs.

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