RX100: Any Lensmate Filter System Reviews?

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Only Phase Detect systems, such as a DSLR need a CPL, Linear is fine for RX100

Phase Detect AF systems, such as the typical DSLR need a circular polarizer, but mirrorless cameras, such as point and shoots will work fine with linear polarizers.

There really is no difference between them either in terms of effect.

Linear is a few bucks cheaper but usually tougher to find. Most places seem to just carry CPL's as they work with any camera.

Really the only good thing about a linear polarizer these days is that if you take two of them and then reverse one, you will have made yourself a Vari-ND filter.

FocalPoint_L wrote:

Yes. I received the 49mm set today. The installation video and instructions were very good.

It works as advertised -- so far -- I haven't traveled with the camera over time to see if the ring that uses adhesive stays on the camera. But it seems fine.

I like the short-turn, bayonet mount. I don't see any advantage to a magnet-style version.

It comes with a small carry case and lens cap, which you only need to protect the filter if you leave it on the camera.

Now I have to get a 49mm CPL and maybe ND filters, or just use step-up rings with the ones I have. My tests today were with a 49mm linear (old fashion) polarizer I had around from the film/manual focus days, and the camera focused and metered fine. But supposedly AF cameras should be used only with CPLs.

One more thing, I tried a #87 IR filter and the RX100 worked for infrared photography with no hot spots in the limited tests I did. The image was deep magenta, but a quick grayscale and autocontrast in Photoshop produced a decent IR photo.


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