RX100: Any Lensmate Filter System Reviews?

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Yes, Lensmate is rather gentle, but could come off

As I mentioned in what I think was one of the other threads, the Lensmate system only takes about a quarter turn, which is good, but its also bad as something like a purse swinging against it could easily spin it far enough forward it could also dislodge.

When I had one for my S95 I never really carried it with filters attached, always added when I was shooting and needed one so I can't say for certain how well they'd stay on during typical transport.

The system that could tax the barrel is Jens system since it physically twist on/off with the screw threads.

Now tons of cameras/lenses have filter threads, so its a typical method that seems to work fine, HOWEVER, on a camera that doesn't have those threads you've got wonder if they might not have anticipated any rotational forces on the barrel.

Could you twist a filter thats a bit stubborn to come off and damage something internal ? Who knows, but I would probably play it safe and make sure I'm holding the barrel steady before twisting to reduce the risk.

On the plus side, once you tighten a filter down, it is very unlikely you'd have any issues coming off.

Basically pro's and con's to each system

Liz Z. wrote:

I have a Lensmate on order, having had a mishap (probably due to my carelessness) with the Magfilter. (I had successfully done Millsart's hack; it actually took about ten minutes at most, since he had done all the problem solving already!) But my mishap made me want to try an alternative this time.

Following some concern expressed here, I wrote to Lensmate asking if their bayonet mounts had any reports of negative impact on the lens barrel, and got this reply: "The bayonet mount is very easy to use and secure for the added filter.....Unlike a threaded filter, our bayonet is a very gentle 1/3 turning, so would not effect the built in lens in anyway.... We have sold a similar system for the S95 for the past 4 years with almost 10,000 users, all very happy customers. We sell to regular photographers, dentists, remote airplane photographers, medical people, eye doctors, scientist, hobbyists and Ebay sellers."

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