Photokina dissapoint and m4/3 lens line up

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Re: Photokina dissapoint and m4/3 lens line up

The 12 and 45 are in different worlds when it comes to build quality. Ignoring the casing, the optical design of the 12 is also much more complicated, as wide lenses are far more prone to chromatic aberrations that have to be corrected.

M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 12mm F2.0 11 elements in 8 groups

That dual surface aspherical is the only one in any m43 prime (the 9-18 is the other m43 lens with them). And its the only m43 lens with a super high refractive index element. Whether that's tantalum crown or dense niobium flint, its a lot more expensive than common crown glass.

Basically, it has what's necessary to produce chromatic aberration free landscape out of camera jpgs, unlike the Panasonics which lose a bit of resolution in order to computationally correct CA in camera.

M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 45mm F1.8 9 elements in 8 groups

No aspherical surfaces, and only a couple of low-dispersion, high-refractive elements.
The nu

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