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Re: Exposure. MYTH MYTH and MYTH

carlk wrote:

Dave Luttmann wrote:

That pretty much explains the story. I get no banding on my D800 and very little if ever on my D700. While in Canon land, my 7D, 1Ds2, 1Ds, 40D, 10D and D30 all exhibited banding when pushed.

Yes banding has been a serious issue on all Canon sensors old and new.

My old 1D3 and 5D1 have no banding, yah! my not that old 60D basically has no banding (compared to known banding in 7D), my 5D2 has banding but totally managible.

Some people just got used to it and even learned how to live with it. But people should not deny there are better products now.

Some people don't know how to generate good photos but good at blaming cameras, LOL. Whinning and talking forever rather speding time to improve shooting skills.

And yes...some people truly need to learn how a digital sensor works. Qianp2k won't listen though.... so save your keystrokes.

I've stopped doing that for a while now. A hopeless case.

instead of namecalling what else your two can do? Show off both your D800 photos to shock and awe us, LOL. Meanwhile I continue enjoy my "banding" 5D2 that generates natural sharp photos with nice contrasts and Canon colors that please my eyes.


This guy seems really enjoying his 5D3 as the camera he uses most, that must have reasons. Yes D800 pulling off in "extreme-shadow-pulling" game in his excercise (tried to balance his opinions basically). But those highly contrasty photos are nothing worth from perspective of serious photography. In most cases, by using better techniques you will not bother by banding issue or even will not see it.

By your logic, Hans must abandon his Canon cameras and lenses and immediately swith to Nikon otherwise he cannot have stunning photos. As a matter of fact I have not seen any Nikon shooters take obvious better phones with any Nikon cameras than him in the same scenes (he has a set of photos at the same place every year).

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