Just sold V1, 50% Depreciation - 6 mos

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Re: Just sold V1, 50% Depreciation - 6 mos

You really can't compare what a stores offers you to a price that a private individual would offer because the store still needs to resell your camera at a higher price than what they paid you to make money and still set the price attractive to those looking to buy second hand. The store also needs to cover their overhead.

Indeed. A lot of second hand places use the rule of thunb of buy at one third and sell at two thirds. In the UK, the camera store will have to add VAT (20%) to their selling price and also will offer a limited guarantee.

I recently offered my camera to a store, I know them well and they tried to give me thier best price, but I got a whole lot more on e-bay .... though I did have the worry that goes with an e-bay sale. I think you are being a bit harsh on your bricks and mortar store. If they wanted to sell at say £2000, the addition of VAT alone would take their shop price upto £2400. Have you even the slightest idea of what the weekly running costs of a camera store are?
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