Full frame anybody?

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Re: Full frame anybody?

Anders W wrote:

Jean Dupont wrote:

Anders W wrote:

Jean Dupont wrote:


What is or would be your standard FF walkaround kit (body plus lenses)? Please be specific about your body and lens choices so that we know exactly what we are talking about.

FF body + 50mm prime will give the most natural look and perspective. I like this baby


OK. That weights about a kilo. At the same weight, I could pack, for example, an E-M5, a 9-18, an X 14-42, an X 45-175, and a 45/1.8.

Now in what specific ways would your combo be superior to mine? And would there be any areas where it might, in fact, be inferior? If so which? How about the shooting styles for which you said FF was superior, such as architecture, landscapes, and action shooting to begin with?

At the 50mm equivalent FoV as your cover is with the X kit zoom only which presumably is inferior to his prime

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