Started with the 20D and will stick with Canon but...

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Re: Started with the 20D and will stick with Canon but...

carlk wrote:

That actually was predicted already. Canon have to take off enough features and performances to distinguish it from the much more expensive 5DIII. Nikon can make the 12MP main differentiation between their two models but Canon do not have the luxury to do that.

One must think Nikon have smarter people than Canon running the company. People were asking why Nikon put so many MP in D800 that many people may not need? Here is one of your answers.

Nikon could still have an ace up its sleeve since it's admitted the D800 isn't a D700 replacement and the D600 is 'entry level' FF.

An updated D700 with the D4 sensor for under $3K would make things interesting and it wouldn't be competing with the D800.

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