Photokina Dissapointment- over after 2 hours :)

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Re: New PENs disappointing

Skipper I like your post, let me add some comments.

The Skipper wrote:

Other than the Sony sensor, what does the E-PL5 and E-PM2 bring to the table? Where is the PDAF, the compact kit zoom, the multi-frame noise reduction & dynamic boost?

Noise reduction and dynamic boost (whatever that is) are not so necessary with the new sensor, although I hear they've added some multi-frame HDR, and Pens have always had an excellent Jpeg ISO-bracket that I use all the time.

I also find it strange that none of the new sensor cameras have built-in flash. If the intended audience of these 2 cameras are P&S upgraders (as per the DPR preview), then it has failed.

Pop-up flash makes the e-pL1 & 2 great all-round workhorses.

The add-on flash for my e-pM1 languishes permanently among the sticky mints and fluff in the bottom of my bag.

... Such as IBIS that works (instead of the E-PM1 where it sometimes made things worse), face detection that works, more accurate AF even at the expense of speed, etc.

Working IBIS has something to do with the weight of the body. e-pM is too light.
My e-P2 has the best working IBIS of my Pen selection, I don't have the e-M5.

Bring on the e-P4 !

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