New GH3 very close to 5xx

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feinschmecker Regular Member • Posts: 336
Re: New GH3 very close to 5xx

While you are right that PDAF on the sensor is getting more common, and also Oly working together with Sony looks very promising, I am getting tired of waiting.

Since the arrival of the PENs I am sure many people have thought numerous times, that with the then next release of PENs or the OMD that Oly would address the focusing and handling of 43rds glass on m43rds bodies.

They haven't up to now. Surely the point up to which "if they haven't done it by now, they ain't gonna do it" can't be too far away? Or have we passed it? Only Oly knows.

(grumpy ) Pablo

msusic wrote:

I'm pretty sure next "pro" body will focus 43 lenses well. Olympus doesn't consider their m43 gear pro just yet and they're proud on their 43 lineup (although they've all but abandoned classic 43 DSLRs). I don't believe they'll abandon it lightly and on sensor PDAF is in almost every new camera nowadays anyway...

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